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Landscape Services

The secret to a beautiful yard in the summer
is proper maintenance year round.

Verticut Services

What is verticut?  Verticut is the method of removing thatch from your yard. 

Why is important to verticut?  Verticut is a spa for your lawn.   Removing all the thatch and exposing soil to roots and sunlight.  Also ensures that grass seed  has a better contact with soil and helps prevent pest from taking over.   

What is thatch?   Thatch is that layer of build up between your soil and grass blades.   Thatch is made up of roots, rhizomes, stems and other plant materials that decay slowly.  

How does a verticutter work?   The blades from a verticutter slice into the thatch and raise it to the surface for bagging and removal. 

When and how often do you verticut? Verticutting takes place during the growing season.   Typically, once a year in late spring or early summer.   However, if you have a thatch build up a fall verticut can be beneficial.  

Seasonal Calendar

Let LGM put your lawn on a schedule to help improve its health and beauty.   


  • Leaf and debris removal - before new grass begins to grow

  • Verticut & Dethatch

  • Aerate - poking holes to lead to a healthier lawn

  • Over-seed - helps the overall health and appearance of an existing lawn

  • Fertilize - helps the recovery process from the winter damage

  • Spray for Weeds & Pests

  • Weekly/ Bi-weekly mowing throughout the summer months based on need to help your lawn thrive


  • September/ October start fall Aeration

  • Over-seed 

  • Fertilize 

  • Leaf and debris removal - to keep grass from being smothered

  • Prepare for Snow Removal

Regular lawn maintenance through out the year and timing your efforts will make it easier to maintain a beautiful yard.  


Fertilization & Weed Killer

Weeds can take over in the blink of an eye.  There are several common weeds that will take over your ward if taken care of.   Let LGM professionally care for your yard. 

Common Missouri Weeds


Dandelions - incredibly hard to control due to their ability to fight through healthy grass


Thistle - very invasive, pokey weed


Dallisgras - durable weed that spreads quickly once established, has an abundance of seeds and comes back each year

broadweed plaintain.jpg

Broad Leaf Plantain - small leaves with green leaf base that comes out spring to early summer


Clover - most common weed


Crabgrass - fast growing weed that grows from seeds, very similar in look to Dallisgras, besides tends to look more like a star pattern


Nutsedge - a difficult to weed to control with a yellowish flower

Ragweed - common allergen that grows up to 3-4 feet in height with long pom stems

There are many different types of weeds not listed here.  If you are having issues in your yard give LGM a call and let their professionals get your yard back to the beautiful vision you are dreaming of!

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